Business Sectors

IPT Design have a range of experience and expertise across
all business sectors. We categorise these over 3 core sectors;
sport and leisure, commercial office and residential/dwellings.

Sports and Leisure

Electronically Intelligent Venues

The traditional world of information technology and the pace and diversity within, can be overwhelming for some; add to this the probable requirements for an exhaustive range of technology installations from digital broadcasting, media production and conferencing facilities, telecommunications, mobile and private radio communications, converged networking through to point of sale, smart card access control, high definition digital signage and advertising facilities, building management systems, IP-CCTV, lighting control, alarm monitoring and PA/VA and it provides an idea of what is incorporated within a modern-day sports and leisure environment.

Through a strategic design process, our technology objectives are to design a reliable, scalable, flexible, future proofed and intelligent infrastructure which provides a basis for streamlining the operational management of events and all commercial activity.

Working closely with our Clients we develop a technology and digital systems integration model which not only enables an enhanced visitor experience, but also allows sponsors, commercial partners, fans, visitors and corporate guests to make the most of the commercial opportunities available within a diverse multi-functional environment.

Commercial Office

Electronically Intelligent Workspaces

As information, communications and building intelligence technology continues to play a critical role in the success of the organisation; we believe it is essential that the technology infrastructure which enables the Business commerce and communications is resilient, scalable, secure and future-proof.

We work closely with our Clients in understanding their Business objectives and assist in achieving their goals through the delivery of innovative design solutions that harness the latest advances in Commercial technologies.

Our strong relationships with leading Suppliers and Manufacturers help us in keeping one step ahead in terms of understanding emerging technologies and market trends. This means that we can use our knowledge effectively when helping our Clients with the design and implementation program adding value to the efficiency of the organisation and helping maintain a competitive edge within the growing marketplace.

Residential / Dwellings

Electronically Intelligent Living Environments


The intelligent home is no longer a dream of the future as it is here today! Many Home Owners, Architects and Developers are incorporating the ‘lifestyle’ technology approach within their design concept albeit driven by personal preferences, Client requirements or market demand.

User friendly technology provides home occupants almost unlimited potential in creating living environments that can offer cost savings through energy management and enhance the comfort, convenience and security within your home environment. This is achieved through the installation of electronically intelligent systems that can communicate with each other in a seamless fashion and in combination are very simple to control.

There are many solutions available within the marketplace today which range from - the basic entry level to the luxurious high end – as always, the choice will be based around budget, functionality, aesthetic criteria, product quality, scope of installation and the level of control/integration required.

At IPT Design, we have the knowledge and practical experience to work with you from the concept to completion stage in achieving your aspirations to create an electronically intelligent living environment that will be richly rewarding in habitat.